Mary Ann Pellegrino, Ed.D., LMHC

Dr. Mary Ann Pellegrino has been a lifelong learner and educator. Her extensive background for the past 30 years includes consulting, business strategist, motivational speaking, author, counseling, coaching, sales and marketing, project management, and professional training and development.

Dr. Pellegrino is a consultant to Collegiate Education, Health Companies, Non-Profits and businesses with related systems for improving their work culture and overall outcome by creating programs that assist with employee motivation, productivity and profit.

In collegiate education she has record success in achieving national recognition for type, quality and volume of work produced, received numerous awards for largest amount of new college students recruited in the nation and received recognition for the largest school with the highest student success and retention rates. She has been responsible for strategic development and implementation for student satisfaction of over 80 collegiate campuses around the world, achieving record success.

Dr. Pellegrino‚Äôs formal education is extensive with degrees in Electronic Computer Engineering, Psychology, Rehabilitative Counseling and Mental Health, and a Doctorate degree in Education Leadership and Counseling.  

She has worked as an Educator, Licensed Psychotherapist, Supreme Court Certified Mediator, Business strategist, Coach and Strategic Consultant.  Her passion is traveling extensively around the world from the Peruvian Amazon, Nepal, Patagonia, Argentina, Mexico and China studying and understanding cultural indigenous patterns and how they are adapting their wisdom to the new world paradigm.

Dr. Pellegrino currently works as a consultant to collegiate education systems and businesses for improving and transforming their work culture and overall outcome by creating programs that assist with their motivation and productivity.  

She is currently the owner of Pellegrino Consulting, the Director of Development for The Life Center of the Suncoast, Inc. and co-founder of Wisdom DeCoded.